Wednesday, March 07, 2012

No speling mistake in this post

No speling mistake in this post

Spring is very much here, so much it’s hard to blog all things going around. The British team left on Monday after an awesome 10 of ringing and birding in Eilat, over 850 birds were ringed of an impressive diversity including some really good ones. many thanks to Dave Okill, Will Miles, David Parnaby and Jason Moss of Fair Isle BO for their professional and enjoyable work here!
Next year at Eilat?

This week will be remembered also for the great numbers of exhausted Martins, and especially for Rock Martins.

The day before the British team left we had a “normal” Scops Owl. Also around for last days are both Long-eared and Barn Owls. Even nights are not boring! (last post etc.)

Many new species for the season were ringed last days, like Woodchat ShrikeBalkan Warbler and Two Eastern Black-eared Wheatears.

Migration over the park is very apparent even when we are busy ringing, many Steppe Eaglesare still moving through with more Steppe Buzzards among them. Today we also had the wintering GS Eagle and Two Short-toad Eagle and also one Imperial Eagle.
Not only raptors but also Gulls Ducks and some passerines can be seen over the station, of interest: 5 Pallas's Gulls, 4 Bar-tailed Larks 2 Gull Billed Terns Yesterday and a cracking male Citrine Wagtail today.

The ringing itself is going very well, with about 100 new birds every day and reasonable diversity of 20 species or so,With complex and diverse moult patterns of all the tricky Sylvias.
And also some mental issues…

More in detail today we had our first Siberian Chiffchaff, I started thinking this week we might have missed one or two but after I took this bird out of the bag, difference was instantly visible unlike all Chiffs we had so far (few hundreds).

At Ofira park the Cinereous Bunting is still there together with some 15+ Cretzschmar's Bunting.
Thanks Fabian for the photos!
Apart from our volunteers, an Israeli ringing team is assembling for the weekend, so hot stuff is soon to come!

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