Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday birds

Birthday birds

Yesterday Fabian had his birthday, strange experience while ringing non stop for almost a week. Last week is simply amazing regarding both numbers and diversity: over 2000 new birds were ringed since the 13th of March bringing march totals to over 3 k!
Back to the late birthday bird, it didn’t come yesterday but today on 3rd round a cracking malePied Wheatear showed up next to the ringing hut just pleading for a ring.
It was not easy but after a while it was captured and ringed, the first good rarity to be ringed this spring.

 Small Sylvias are doing really well with another Subalpine Warbler yesterday (No.5), more cool birds last days include two more Scops Owls and a Little Bittern at the pond. So many birds I hardly have time to write properly.

 Cyprus Warbler, the 7th for this season (so far?).

 More is on the way when hopefully I will have more time to write posts…(no whining)

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