Friday, February 27, 2015

A day in the ringing station - Eilat


Our ringing station is bursting with migratory birds - and it is only mid-February!  In a usual year we would not normally start ringing daily before the 1st of March and only do some a small amount of sample ringing, but this year is different.

Euan Ferguson, who spent last autumn ringing here, came back on the 16th of February and since then we have been ringing over 100 birds daily, the diversity and colors are just fantastic. Carmen, our Spanish ringer who was on her way here with Turkish airlines, has been stuck under heavy snow in Istanbul for 3 days and no doubt curses every airline company employee as she knows what she is missing here. It is only the very beginning of spring migration, so it should only get better from here!

We are planning to move the ringing station to the public side of the bird sanctuary, so soon you can be a part of it too.

So enjoy the pictures and come and visit us soon.

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