Friday, September 09, 2011

Ringing routine

Ringing routine

At the station the Red-backed Shrikes 'invasion' seemed to somewhat curtail the ringing on Tuesday morning (22 birds) and all the small warblers were deep inside the thicket. Yet many left that night so I had quite a nice catch on Wednesday (50-60) and on Thursday (65 or so) with two nice local birds: a juvi Spur-winged Plover still hanging around with his parent who evaded the trap:

A juvenile Blackstart performing partial post juvenile molt which included his entire lesser, median, and greater coverts. It's been few years since I ringed one!

Also many migrants were present, and some BlackcapsLesser WhitethroatsWillow andReed Warblers were caught, and the first Isabelline Wheatear:

At the salt ponds about 350 Yellow Wagtails were seen in last light on the 6th, noteworthy among waders were 15 Greenshanks and 5 Marsh Sands. Another waders session (6-7/9) semi-successful catch of 14 birds, a second Marsh Sandpiper, first little ringed PloverRuff,Redshank and more little Stints.

Both Marsh Sands yet ringed were adult with identical suspended moult but a different level of wear. The second was far more worn, Maybe 2nd year birds? (age 5) I really should get more familiar with this species (and waders in general) to determine…
Itai started the Sooty Falcon nesting survey up at the mountains, and so far located 2 territories, and also reports a single Short-toed Snake-Eagle migrating above.

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